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A Meeting of Minds and Missions

In the world of, where I invest in the brightest minds and entrepreneurs, I encountered Sam Petersen, a remarkably talented gym trainer. This wasn’t just an ordinary meeting; it was the convergence of vision and expertise, giving birth to The Two Sams. My experience in establishing and divesting successful ventures in Australia and the UK, coupled with my prowess in integrating software into business systems, found a new avenue in Sam’s dynamic approach to fitness.

The Eastward Turn of The Two Sams

The Two Sam’ took a dramatic turn when a casual conversation about Bahrain opened my eyes to the untapped potential in the Middle East for technological innovation. In an instant, I knew our destiny lay there. By Wednesday night, the decision was made: The Two Sams were heading to Bahrain. With conviction, I announced to Sam, “You’re moving with me. Bahrain, or maybe Saudi, will become the Mecca of app development.” And so, The Two Sams were poised to conquer new horizons.

The Inception of Scribe

In the heart of Bahrain, The Two Sams brought our vision to life through Scribe. This fitness app was a blend of my tech-savvy and Sam’s fitness acumen. With its bespoke training programs, progress tracking, and a rich video library, Scribe stood as a beacon of our collaborative spirit. It was our shared dream, materialized.

An Invitation to Fitness Professionals

Now, The Two Sams invite fitness professionals worldwide to join us on this exciting journey. Scribe is not just an app; it’s an opportunity for trainers to elevate their brand and offer personalized, tech-enhanced services to their clients. It’s a call to stand out in the fitness industry with a unique, branded app. – Your Portal to Personalized Fitness

At, trainers can discover how to transform their services. Scribe offers a platform to showcase your brand, tailored to your unique approach and your clients’ needs. The Two Sams aren’t just offering an app; we’re offering a revolution in fitness technology.

The Resilient Journey of The Two Sams

Reflecting on The Two Sams journey from a chance meeting to making strides in Bahrain fills me with immense pride. Scribe symbolizes more than an app; it’s a movement, a fusion of technology and fitness, and a testament to the power of collaborative innovation.

Join The Two Sams in redefining the fitness landscape. Visit to embark on a journey with your personalized training app. Together, let’s shape the future of fitness, one custom app at a time.